"That’s the best revenge of all: happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good fucking life."

My name is Jade, twenty-two years old and I live in a secluded little place on the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight.
 hearts are breaking

alaska, huskies, american accents, musty old books, home movies, knitted sweaters, moonlit lagoons, pinkie promises, lace underwear, rose wine, disposable cameras, the crackle of a driftwood campfire, meteor showers, a white-gold sunrise, love letters, thigh high socks, stargazing on car bonnets, market bazaars, tree houses, carousels, the legend of zelda, warm cookies fresh from the oven, christmas morning, yard sales, snow capped volcanoes, log cabins, dream catchers, fresh ocean breeze, candlelit baths, winter wardrobes, the cold side of the pillow, picnic hampers, the northern lights, lunar phases, fruit smoothies, summer drives, life through a lens, sale racks, japanese culture, frosty mornings, final fantasy, watching a thunderstorm, journals, "the one", true love.
Babe <3
Picked up this adorable vintage Superdry dress today - My new Autumn favourite! <3
There’s nothing better on a chilly September evening than my boy wanting a good snuggle.
Sixth sitting! The bottom half of my sleeve is finally complete - I started the top section yesterday and got a new character! Yay!
My beautiful wedding bouquet - I couldn’t of been more honoured to be the chief bridesmaid!
The best pyjamas, ever (probably explains why I haven’t changed out of them today).

Anonymous: hey, i noticed your sleeve on fytattoos, and i love it! although i noticed that the caption said that it was the front of your sleeve? sooo i was wondering if you have a photo to show whats on the back??

Of course…I didn’t upload the back of my sleeve - as by this point it hadn’t been coloured in, and looked a little odd compared to the rest of the sleeve which was almost finished! The back of my sleeve actually contains of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke.