I’m still alive!
I’ve missed you Tumblr <3
Babe <3
The first sitting on my back piece!
Picked up this adorable vintage Superdry dress today - My new Autumn favourite! <3
Anonymous asked:

9 & 14 for those questions c:

9. Something that makes me sad when I think about it.
My bestfriend. He recently moved to Southampton, and as proud as I am of him that he finally got off the island and did someone positive for himself - I can’t deny that I’m missing him an unbelievable amount! I had my first video chat with him earlier since he’s been gone, and it was really sad and daunting when we were both discussing how bored we were and that we simply couldn’t just pop on over to each others houses. Andrew - if you’re reading this buddy. I miss you!!

14. Something I do without realising.
I can’t really think of anything apart from typical bad habits (more often than not when i’m nervous or uncomfortable) I tend to drum my fingers on countertops, and I chew/bite on my tongue piercing a lot! It literally gets to the point when whomever is in the room with me has to yell at me to stop!

  1. The person I like and why I like them.
  2. A famous person I’ve been compared to.
  3. Five things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex.
  4. The best thing that has happened to me this week.
  5. Weird things I do when I’m alone.
  6. How I’d spend ten thousand bucks.
  7. Things I like and things I don’t like about the way I look.
  8. My last night out in detail.
  9. Something that makes me sad when I think about it.
  10. Something I’ve lied about.
  11. Would I rather be stranded on a desert island with someone I love for ten years, or someone I hate for a month? Explain why.
  12. Something I’m currently worrying about.
  13. One person from tumblr I’d throw off a cliff, one I’d marry and one I’d fuck.
  14. Something I do without realising.
  15. Lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood.
  16. A drunken story.
  17. Something I regret.
  18. Post a picture of myself.
  19. My longest relationship and who it was with.
  20. Press ctrl v and post.
  21. Post a bit of my last IM conversation.
  22. Five things I want to change.
  23. My view on being tumblr famous.
  24. Someone I’d like to be for a day and why.
  25. Five things within touching distance.
  26. Story of my first kiss.
So go ahead and ask me any of the above! Help me cure my Saturday night blues.

hello! if you don't mind me asking, how much weight did you lose with the detox? i'm debating on going on it c:

If done correctly you should lose at least seven pounds in a week! I managed to lose ten though as I pumped my exercise routine time up by an extra twenty minutes! (I was dying to fit into a new dress I had bought!)  X

nikki612 asked:

hi i see you did the jason vale juicemaster plan. i am thining of doin it starting tomorrow what do you think to it ? did your weight stay off? was the detox symptoms bad?X

Hello! I do highly recommend the Jason Vale Juice Detox! The weight did stay off, yes - but remember doing the juice diet alone won’t make you lose weight, it does have to be combined with adequate exercise. If i remember correctly I completed an hour on my exercise bike every other day (and still do!) You do have to be careful when going back onto solid foods again (Although the book will tell you what sort of thing to eat and when to eat it). I actually still do the detox twice a year - just to revitalise my body and give it the kickstart that it needs! Your’ll find that the first two days you may feel completely and utterly sluggish/tired. But by the third you will feel active, healthy, and so energetic!

There’s nothing better on a chilly September evening than my boy wanting a good snuggle.

Hello. I was wondering how you planned your Ghibli tattoo. I am planning on getting one some time next year of either Ghibli or anime and really love how yours is set out. Your tattoo looks amazing btw :)

Hello! Firstly - sorry for the stupidly late reply. I started off by printing out various snippets/screen shots from the movies which I loved, and quite literally bought about twenty sheets of tracing paper. I just traced over various characters I wanted to incorporate and just played around with the composition until I came out with something that I was happy with! My tattooist did clean it up for me once I took my final edit into the shop though! X

Sixth sitting! The bottom half of my sleeve is finally complete - I started the top section yesterday and got a new character! Yay!
I’m still alive! XO
My beautiful wedding bouquet - I couldn’t of been more honoured to be the chief bridesmaid!
atlasxhands asked:

hiya :) we have really similar music tastes.. i love city and colour, ben howard, bon iver, death cab, mewithoutYou, benjamin francis leftwich, mumford & sons, gotye etc.. any other suggestions?xx

Ah, it’s nice to see another with a brilliant music taste! A sucker for acoustic I see? Okay, here goes….

Ed Sheeran, Iron & Wine (“Boy With a Coin” is forever a favourite song), Jacks Mannequin, Jose Gonzales (No song even comes close to “Heartbeats”), Luke Pickett, Minus The Bear, Owen, Rogue Wave, This Providence…My music taste varies, ALOT. Everything from Drum & Bass, Dubstep to chart music, and even some classical. So it’s hard for me to recommend a lot of bands as everyone you previously named are mainly acoustic artists, so i’m not really too sure what other genres you like. I would recommend going through my posts and change the URL to weconfideinwolves.tumblr.com/tagged/music - this way you can see most of my favourite songs/artists i’ve published thus far. :)