The best pyjamas, ever (probably explains why I haven’t changed out of them today).
Anonymous asked:

hey, i noticed your sleeve on fytattoos, and i love it! although i noticed that the caption said that it was the front of your sleeve? sooo i was wondering if you have a photo to show whats on the back??

Of course…I didn’t upload the back of my sleeve - as by this point it hadn’t been coloured in, and looked a little odd compared to the rest of the sleeve which was almost finished! The back of my sleeve actually contains of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke. 

'Al naturale' (for once)
Anonymous asked:

you spelt realization wrong in your latest post dumbass

Me the dumb ass? I barely think you have intellectual grounds to call me a dumb ass - I’ll actually have you know, that the British, English way to spell it is in fact “realisation”. I’m British, therefore that is my correct spelling.

Realization, is the American, English spelling. Go back to school, tool.

I feel like my blog isn’t so personal anymore - when I created this platform, I did so with every intention of using it as a space for, I guess…what you could call an “online journal”.  But somehow my own personality just became lost in a void of copious amount of images, music, and other un-meaningful snippets. To a certain extent, yes, I suppose I can relate to these things (in the mildest form). But I can’t say i’ve ever looked back on a single post i’ve created, and remember anything about that day - Everyone associates memories with certain things, whether it be smell, feelings, weather, a certain place, or time - even the company you keep. But my mind has just become completely blank, instead I sit here, sieving through my dashboard trying to find something mildly interesting, and different, that can hold my attention for more than thirty seconds. Not to mention the fact, that I have some brilliant followers, and the vast majority of them I’ve barely interacted with - and the ones I do, are just within a small circle of blogs i’ve hunted down for similar posts like mine? It’s just an ongoing vicious circle of contradicting myself. How many times must I tell myself my brain is clearly craving something different? So, i’m going to try and make more of a conscious effort to post more personally. I want to enjoy blogging again, not just use it as a diversion when i’m mind numbingly bored. I also, would love to speak to some of you guys, so if you’re ever on my page, then please, don’t hesitate to drop a “hello” sometime! I promise - i’m nice!
Jade X 

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As requested, I’ve edited my personal theme for public use; which can be found on my themes blog - most likely, there will be a few bugs/kinks to work out. So if you experience a problem with the theme, perhaps have any tutorials/ideas you would like to submit then please don’t hesitate to contact me via ask - either on my themes blog, or personal. I guess you could call this a “beta test”. I’m looking for feedback, improvement ideas, any bugs/problems that might occur, tutorial ideas, etc, etc. - i’ll appreciate your help to match it up to the standards/ease of my other themes! Thankyou! X

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.The only girl worthy of desktop status. 
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